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MBA Hospitality and Tourism Management

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MBA Hospitality and Tourism Management

Success in the hospitality and tourism industries requires the development of decision-making skills, thorough knowledge of the sector and a global strategic vision.

Ostelea’s Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA is designed with the objective of preparing the future leaders of the tourism sector: directors, professionals and entrepreneurs equipped to manage business projects in the tourism and hotel sector at the highest level. To this end, the programme particularly focuses on the development of executive skills and aptitudes of a strategic nature.

Ostelea’s MBA has been designed with the aim of gaining a deeper insight into the main managerial and organizational processes in tourism companies from an applied and strategic perspective, while evaluating the interrelation between these processes through case studies, practical exercises and research projects.

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Thanks to this MBA programme, you will achieve the following goals:

  • Achieving and international vision of the tourism industry, together with a flexible perspective in a changing and competitive global setting
  • Analysing global trends in the sector and acquiring the perspectives and strategies required to become ethical leaders.
  • Ensuring an effective management of tourism companies based on strategic plans.
  • Developing the capacity for innovation and creative management of executives in tourism and hotel companies.
  • Acquiring executive skills and competences required of directors and businesspeople in the tourism sector in order to ensure dynamic, effective and successful leadership.

Ostelea’s Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA is divided into 5 modules. Each of these modules is comprised of several courses covering the following topics:

Module 1. Global Environment and Markets

  • Socio-economic context and the tourism industry
  • Tourism marketing and sales in global settings

Module 2. Human Resources Management

  • Talent management in hospitality
  • Executive skills for hospitality organizations

Module 3. International Company Management

  • Financial management
  • Management of ICTs and virtual business in hospitality
  • Risk identification, management and prevention for hospitality

Module 4. Company Internalisation

  • Strategic global management in hospitality
  • Company internationalisation

Module 5. Master’s Thesis 

  • Master’s thesis

Intensification Seminar

  • Accommodation management and revenue & yield management
  • Strategic food & beverage management
  • Leisure & sports management
  • Competitiveness and innovation in hospitality
  • Operations in hospitality

The academic year consists of 60 ECTS credits.

It is necessary to have a university degree and work experience to be accepted into the programme. Work experience is most valued because it is important to share in the knowledge – gained from training and professional responsibility – which each participant contributes to the particular situations set out by the professor. In the event that someone does not have the abovementioned requirements, acceptance into the programme will be decided on by the Board.

Participants who successfully complete the programme at the Barcelona campus will receive a triple qualification:

  • The qualification of Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA from the Ostelea, School of Tourism & Hospitality.
  • The qualification of Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA from EAE Business School.
  • The qualification from the Universitat de Lleida.

This MBA allow its Alumni to develop their careers as:

  • Hotel director or manager, or manager of other types of tourism establishment.
  • Operational Director or Department Manager in tourism companies.
  • Corporate Director in hospitality and tourism companies, in any of the functional areas.
  • Director of companies operating in the tourism sector in general.
  • Positions of responsibility in companies and public institutions in the sector.
  • Positions in auxiliary companies in the fields of marketing and commercialization linked to the hospitality and tourism industries.
  • Business entrepreneur in the tourism sector, or related sectors.
  • Tourism and hospitality consultant or advisor.

Currently the following scholarships are on offer:

  • Fundación Carolina. Lifelong training grant that encourages cultural and scientific cooperation between Spain and Latin America, promoting exchanges between professionals. It is aimed at Latin American and Spanish specialists and professionals that can demonstrate their need to move to the other region to continue their training.
  • MAEC – AECID grant. This grant contributes towards the further education and professional development of foreigners and young university students with an advanced university qualification and, on some programmes, university students in their final year. Type of financial aid: II-B Programme grants: grants for foreigners studying Master Degrees or specialization programmes in Spanish universities and non-university education centres.
  • Financial support for training workers regulated by the Fundación Tripartita. The State Employment Public Service offers financial support, through the Fundación Tripartita, to all people currently actively employed and making Social Security contributions and who have received individual training permission from the company. Refusal of permission must be based on organizational or production reasons. The purpose of the financial support is to receive tuition for an official qualification or a university’s own qualification. In return, the company receives a Social Security allowance for each employee that has been granted permission. The allowance is equivalent to the salary costs for the working hours that the employee has dedicated to training, up to a maximum of 200 hours per employee granted permission per academic or calendar year.
  • AGAUR (Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca – University and Research Financial Support Management Agency). The agency offers university postgraduate loans with extremely attractive conditions.